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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Er... not dead, if anyone's worried

Kobold 1
Originally uploaded by Terz.

"So, are you ever going to update your blog, ever?"

Well, yeah...

If something pisses me off enough. Like this:

Kobold 2
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Kobold 3
Originally uploaded by Terz.

This is the kobold who works at the coffee shop downstairs (you know, the one that Zeus doesn't like too) - who makes it an artform to ignore customers who may or may not be dying of thirst. (Not to be mistaken for the guy who works there in the afternoon, who's so efficient, he's scary too.) The Kobold, on the other hand, would rather chat with his friends at the coffee shop and to help the owners of the other stalls collect their dishes and cutlery.


While I'm at it (and while the WoW server is down for its weekly maintenance), here's more images from the last three weeks:

1. More reasons why I don't like my estate sometimes:

Originally uploaded by Terz.

So, besides the dickhead who pees in the lift every now and then and the idiot who leaves soda cans and empty packets of Yeo's on the stairway landings, there's also this asshole who thinks it's funny to damage shit.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

And here there's trash. Left by people who think that the public trash bin is for everything piece of crap that used to mean something to them. And all this when there's a whole trash collection point within 50 metres of this mess.


2. Sometimes I just envy the guy.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Not always, but sometimes.

3. Taken while having supper in JB (at the place with the kick-ass sup kambing - the kind that doesn't quite drip off the soup but rather oozes off of it) after Zeus's wedding:

Originally uploaded by Terz.

One wonders why the Nasi Campur and Nasi Beriani are listed under "prices according to the market"...

4. This shot after I was done with another film stills shoot. At a rather surprising place, on top of that - it's already given me some ideas for other shoots in the near future.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

5. And this last one, just for the hell of it:

Originally uploaded by Terz.


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