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Monday, March 15, 2004


.. had one of those weekends that geeks! have wet dreams about: had a game on Friday, another on Sunday and, if Dan, TKDD and Ru hadn't cancelled because of prior engagements, we might have had another one today.

And in-between the games, I had a couple of shoots with STAGES and at a wedding.

Quite the weekend.


Then I wake up to this:

"'There is no question of HDB ducking its responsibility. It's about getting residents to play their part in ensuring that our high-rise living environment in Singapore is safe,' he (National Development Minister, Mr Mah Bow Tan) told MPs on Saturday."

Are you sure it's not "about getting residents to pay their part"?

"But Mr Mah countered that the windows in HDB flats were not faulty to begin with. 'They were fitted according to the international standards at that time,' he said."

Ah yes, international standards at that time.

Now it is implied that stainless steel rivets are the new international standards. Funny. I'm pretty sure stainless steel technology exists 8-13 years ago (the figure was given in the article about how old the windows were before they decided to end it all by letting go of their housings -- too much exam stress too?), so why weren't stainless steel rivets used instead of the aluminium ones?


I am suddenly reminded of one of the tenets of Murphy's Law of the Military: "Never forget that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder."

You don't have to 'wonder' about the apathetic stance of Singaporeans towards politics, the Government or even our own damned lives when things like this come up and all we get in return are rationalisations basically telling us to. Live. With. It.


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