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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Some thoughts

... while I concentrate on coming up with a photography project. Moreover, I wasn't planning to update the blog until I'd drafted an entry concerning Dan's predicament, but these articles were a bit hard to pass up without comment:

The first, from MSNBC, mentions that there are women in Singapore lining up to marry William Hung.

What the...?

It's either a joke or, really, the taste of women in Singapore have taken a downward turn since I was last single.

The second is a little closer to home (literally). So much for a second chance for Changi Prison. All that's left will be a 180-metre stretch of wall, two turrets and a transplanted gate. That's nice (I like the 'transplanted gate' part especially. Sure, move the damn thing, butcher the original architecture of the place, why don't you). That should be enough to help future generations of people imagine what ordeal the POWs and civilian prisoners went through from 1942-1945.

Hell, why not? We all know that our sense of imagination has always been very strong. Oh wait. That's before people decided that Literature isn't important as a subject any more.

Oh well.

I guess when I've emigrated, all I'll keep of Singapore will be the magnetic strip from my passport, one or two pages with visa stamps and a transplanted thumbprint from my IC. I suppose that would be enough to tell everyone of my origins from a country that doesn't seem to understand the importance of memories and symbols of our past.

And they wonder why we don't have a national identity.


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