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Friday, February 27, 2004

Gainful Employment

It took about two hours, but I've managed to churn out the copy for the college brochure. Hadn't done much copywriting in the seven years since I left advertising (writing copy for the NCC in the school yearbook doesn't count, I don't think) and it brought back memories of working on a laptop in the dead of the night to the tune of ridiculous deadlines.

Felt good.

It felt good also to be working at my own pace. I'm back at the staff room, but seated in a little nook by myself. I have everything that I need to function as a self-contained copy-writing, photo-taking design unit: power points for the PowerBook and chargers for the myriad batteries I now own and a LAN point for loads of fun on the internet.

Add a coffee mug to that and I'll be happy as punch.

Lone Wolf
You'd turn into a Lone Wolf! Like a lone wolf you
can cope perfectly well by yourself and do not
feel the need for the company of others. However, like
a wolf, you were once part of a pack and you can
tolerate and get along okay with people when
you meet them. You are protective and loyal to
the close friends you have but will always be
a true loner at heart

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