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Friday, March 25, 2005


At the Show
Another Thursday, another day at the show, waiting for people who might want a guided tour of the place who do not come.

Young couples? Still groping.

Morons? Still touching the prints.

And some idiot's already left a mark the rough shape and size of his fist on one of the walls near the entrance.

Singapore: arts and cultural hub? I think not.

Was sitting at Bakerzin at The Atrium waiting for Wes to show up when I overheard a conversation that took me back to secondary school days when we geeks would challenge ourselves to conduct a conversation alternating the words/ phrases in English and Mandarin, without pausing too long in between.

Little did we realise that now, it's as natural as pissing.

Had quite an interesting talk with Wes. Kinda confirms what I've been thinking of doing over the past month. Now if I can only get the website revamped and up and running ASAP.

And now I hear that the show might be extended...

Of the Service Industry Known as Daylight/Midnight Surcharge Robbery
The cab driver took the scenic route to Plaza Singapura today. Instead of looping around and taking Changi Road, before turning right to get to the PIE on-ramp at Eunos, he chose to go via the Bedok North on-ramp, travelling in the opposite direction for the first five minutes, then turning back and making up the same distance travelled. The damage? $1.20 extra to my fare.

The other thing, dude was travelling at 60 km/h even when the speed limit on the roads were 90, 80 or 70 km/h.

I swear, cabbies have this psychic thing going for them: they'll not know your destination if you also don't know it; and they'll drive "like they're driving Miss Daisy" if you happen to be in a hurry.

Of Bullies and Other Assholes
I think there's something seriously wrong when a security guard threatens a schoolkid with, "Do you want me to punch you?"

And for what? Standing just outside the exhibition space and asking passers-by if they would like to step in for a look?

"You're not allowed to do charity here."

If I had my camera with me, dude. If I had my camera.

This is the same security guard who's not around when asshole skateboarders are using the Atrium as their personal skate park, even when there are signs telling them they're not allowed to.


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