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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So, how has PS Phee of SHA9973H pissed me off today? Let me count the ways...


I said: "Take the AYE, then CTE and come out at Havelock."

You did: AYE, then exited at Lower Delta, took me on a tour of Alexandra, then come out at Havelock, fifteen minutes longer and probably $4.00 more expensive than it ought to be if you had stayed on the AYE, then taken the CTE and came out at Havelock.

And don't give me alternatives lah. I don't want to hear about them.


I really don't care about your grouses about rich people and how they always want you to drop them off at places where you aren't supposed to. It's one thing to be law-abiding and sticking to the rules and regulations, but if you're misinterpreting said laws and being an ass about it, then it's no one else's fault but yours.


It's bloody raining. Could you have stopped at a worse place?

I'm lugging a camera and a bag of lights. Think about it.


I try to pay by VISA because it's easier to keep track of expenditure.

But: "Oh! Sorry! I thought you were paying by cash, I already deleted the fare total from my meter."


Then how is it that you managed to write me a receipt with the breakdown in the total fare? And was I bloody dreaming the 'deleted' fare details suddenly reappeared on the meter when I asked for a receipt?

If you don't want to accept credit card payment, say so. Very easy one.

Don't need to lie.


It wouldn't have been so bad if I had gotten what I wanted at my destination. The repair to the lights would cost me $235.00. And when the call came in I thought it was all ready for pick-up.


It wasn't even in the shop yet.

So that was a wasted trip. I walked in the rain, got my hair and camera wet and the light head wasn't even in the vicinity.


Then I go to the half-empty shopping mall across the road where the colour lab is located and drop off the final images from the ACJC job.

I get them to print everything out in an hour and look for a place to rest my back.

In a little corner of the 2nd storey, I find a hole-in-the-wall sort of place where unfortunately, they didn't have both my original food order (chicken katsu) and drink request (Coke Light). Otherwise the club sandwich was passable and the service was meh (I had to get my own utensils and serviettes from the counter - and the lady of the shop would rather play with her kid than mind the shop).


But home now and the second set of photos from Bloggers.SG is up on Flickr. Enjoy.


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