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Friday, September 23, 2005

I Can Smell!


My soap. During the shower. I could actually pick out the odour of medicated Dettol goodness from the jumble of other non-scents of my clogged olfactories. Good thing.

Means I'll be getting better.

Means there'll be no more nights of peeling myself off sweat-sodden bedsheets several times a night to expel a violently-coughed-up dollop of yellow-green phlegm; means no more waking to matted hair and clammy skin in the mornings, feeling hot and miserable; and certainly, it means no more walking about in a drug-induced haze, stumbling from shoot to studio to home, without any feeling in my extremities.

Have I mentioned how much I hated being sick?

Of course if I'm blogging now, it means also that I wasn't on the flight to Medan, and thence to Meulaboh, this morning. This sucks.


Once again, in other news, I also really detest (Part 2):

5. People who think of only their own convenience.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Parking lots abound. No parking attendants in sight, but, despite the double yellow lines and the steel barriers in the way, one would rather park where one's not supposed to, blocking more than half an already narrow road (because it wouldn't make sense to park anywhere else but where a bicycle - already there - is), and taking one's time with a food order (dumbass car was there for the time it took me to finish a plate of wanton noodles and a cup of kopi-O).

Empty Lots
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