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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Whadda...? (Part Two)

It's somewhat a turn-on when you're sitting at the coffee shop with your missus, having a couple of kopi-O-gaos, and she, in the middle of reading the latest issue of NatGeo, turns to you and says, "I really like learning about boobies."


"Look at it, the booby chick is so cute!"


[Sudden realisation] "I mean, when I was younger, I used to read about boobies."

Er, ahem. Yes.

Booby Chicks
Originally uploaded by Terz.


In other news, the Yankees are out. I guess when you squander chance after chance with enough baserunners to win the game thrice-over, you deserve to lose...


And in more news. I'm back on standby for next week: but everything's dependent on what the first team out says. If more medical people are needed, then I won't be activated at all.

Either way - I've got one week to prep.

Edited 12 October 2005:

Well, at least I know I'm good to go as far as time (or jet lag) is concerned. Been sleeping only at 2-3 am these couple of nights - which should be good in preparing me for Pakistan--Western India time (am told by the missus that the em-dash is correct in this case - don't know about that, but she's the one who's getting the money for doing editing work).


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