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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

All Set

Six-pack of beer ... check

Enough snacks to munch on for two hours ... check

Strepsils ... for sore throat from screaming too much ... check

I'm ready ... It's back.


OK, it's been only one hour:

I don't like the Paolo boys. If they were mine, they'd be so smacked and out of the car before even we got out of New York.

The Godlewski sisters are like the Soccer Moms, doubled.

I do like the Linz sibs, the Aiellos, Bransens and the Gaghans. The Weavers are kinda scary - "Pennsylvania, you think they mean the state?" - plus, they're kinda holy. And screamy. And bull-in-a-china-shop-sy. Shudder.

The Schroeders and Rogers are kinda meh for me for now, but the Rogers' daughter is cute, in a way... and a former Miss Louisiana to boot. Rawwrr.

Oops. Brakes not working. Interesting.

Heh. Farting in an Amish buggy can't be kosher.


It's only now you want to talk, Ma Paolo? 93 minutes into the race as shown on TV and this is when you wanna talk?

Woohoo! Smackdown at 21:35!

OK. A two-hour episode and they're not even out of the country?

What a crock.

Still don't like the Paolos.


Oh yeah... the missus and I were wondering about it and it's confirmed: 'Frank' vendors? Kevin and Drew. From the original TAR. That rocks!


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