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Saturday, November 12, 2005



Ten hours of filming (well, mostly waiting) and dancing later, I'm am officially bone-tired. I'm just glad I'm not involved in the post-production part of the film Randy and Nic are making for the Fly By Night Video Challenge. If you want to see what was done, be at the Substation tomorrow afternoon (details on the website itself).

In between scenes though, we managed to sneak in some games of pool.

Cops In Shorts
Originally uploaded by Terz.

When we finally wrapped at half-six, just before we completely lost light, my suit was soaked. And I was feeling the ache from too much dancing in my feet.

Still, a good day and when I left, it was to a cute little thing:

Cat By Window
Originally uploaded by Terz.

More pictures to follow once the EP is done with them...


Also, got introduced to some funny shit.


And now that Zeus has arrived, I'll be leaving for the bash at Wala Wala...

Yeah, not so knackered after all.

Updated 14 November at 00:38:

So apparently the film won the event and the audience prize as well. It's parteeee! time next week.

These links can now be added:

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