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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Where the hell have I been? Well...

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When you're four tables away from me, you shouldn't be chewing your food with your mouth open and loud enough that I can hear you...

Ooh, lettuce.

Been a while since my last update - haven't been a lot to talk about anyway: Chinese New Year (the one that I'd really wanted to be away from Singapore for), CNY parties (and one where the missus reveals to all her ticking biological clock), lo hei dinners (well, one, anyway), birthday parties galore, World of Warcraft...

Tick Tick
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(No, I'm not addicted - just very keen. But I can walk away to go out whenever I want.)


(Must... kill... mobs...)

Overhead over the New Year period:

From the doctor in the family: "So I distracted her for a bit... talked to her, and then when she wasn't paying attention, I pulled my pants down and stuck it in..." (as it turns out, he meant her pants. Also, apparently when old people appear confused and disoriented, it's usually because they are constipated. He was just administering a suppository - but it did stop conversation around the table for a while).

At Wala Wala: "我要祝你们新年快乐... 今年有多多吹工作..." (just don't ask me what the proper term is - I can't remember.)

Yu Sheng
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This just in, under the You're Not Much Use To Me Alive, Are You? category:

It turns out that not all consumers in Singapore are protected by the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) - you must (see third paragraph) first be a member of CASE. Clearly a case of "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others".

In other news, the first pre-production meeting for the new movie project took place last night.

X wrote a song.

X had another party. The first one with more women than men.

We like crashing cars and causing mayhem (Burnout 4: Revenge rocks!).

All is well.

What's not well... the Year of the Dog so far. Even before I get my first paying job (which I am on now - just in-between prints), I'm already coughing up more than four hundred bucks for replacement parts and accessories - the lights blew again (this time, the good one, otherwise known as 'the one that didn't do a swan dive onto hard concrete'), despite my not having used them for two months and after only three shots; and today, at the Epson Showroom at HarbourFront Tower One*, my AC power cable for the Powerbook went up in flames. Literally - smell of burning rubber and everything. (Things I own seem to have the propensity to do this sort of thing - the last time was the last PC I own.) So during the enforced lunch hour ("... oh, I'm responsible for the space... if anything goes wrong while I'm at lunch and your doing your printing, I'll have to answer for it... yeah, so I have to lock the door..."), I made a hasty trip down to Funan Centre to get a replacement power cable.


* HarbourFront. The place where the thrones in the public washrooms are obviously designed for really tall men. I was on it and my feet were on tippy-toes. Very surreal.

(My talking about going to the toilet, also very surreal.)

Here's to a better rest of the year.

On the other hand, got to appease the Inner Biker in me today... two trips on Seng's bike to Harbourfront and then back from there...

I got to say, though, Singapore's not the best place to be riding. Despite the whole au naturale (the 人包铁 instead of the 铁包人 concept), it's too damn hot to be riding around this sunny island.


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