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Monday, April 10, 2006

Weekend Hangover

Field of Dreams
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Pretty incredible weekend I just had...

Started with the Objectifs third anniversary party at the Wine Company along Evans Road, which then became a meet-up with the Cowboy, his missus and his boss, the Makan, the Duck and the Cousin, the Mandy and the LMD at One Rochester.

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And this was the night before I had to report to a premier junior college in the Bishan-Braddell area for an 8-hour shoot (official opening lah) at 7 in the morning with a VVIP as Guest of Honour. After that, it was dinner with the missus's folks at Hanabi, followed by casting at April's studio and a meeting with one of the shortlisted talents at Riverine at Robertson Quay.

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Sunday morning saw me trudging to the waterlogged field next to the MRT station for my first athletic thing in about six months. 2 hours on the sodden pitch later, it was brunch at the nearby coffee shop, and then eight hours of D&D at home.

To wrap it up, there was the game of the night. Still seven points, but I'm happy to see the team fighting for just second.

Now, I gotta get me a Panadol...


In other news, the Ink didn't get neutered on Saturday because the blood test showed that his liver was fighting off some poison in his system and the vet didn't think that it was advisable to have him go under GA in case it'd kill him.

So for now, he can still do this:

Where'd They Go
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