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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Imagine if you would...

You see a van with the religious organisation it's affiliated to printed in big, bold letters (and Chinese characters) pull up to the kerb in front of you. It is 11:47 in the morning and it's perhaps after a mid-week service and the religious organisation is perhaps providing a service, returning elderly parishioners to their residences. There are five women in the van: one, the driver, looks to be in her late-thirties or forties; the other, the front seat passenger is perhaps in her twenties. There are three elderly ladies in the back and one of them has just opened the sliding door to the rear section of the van. Another, in a floral sun dress, attempts to alight from the van, but since she is elderly, she has some difficulty. In the end, she gets down into a sitting position and then inches herself out of the van on her buttocks, which isn't the easiest of exercises because for starters, she is in a dress and in case anyone's forgotten, she is elderly, assisted somewhat in vain by the other two ladies in the rear section. It takes a while, during which I make a move to ask if she needed my help. (It is declined.) In the meantime, the two younger women in the front of the van remain in their places - the driver, perhaps unable to move because her door opens into rather heavy traffic at that moment; the younger, intent on her mobile phone. SMSing.

What is wrong with this picture?


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