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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wah Lau Eh!

OK, there are some days I wonder why I married the missus especially when I'm half-drunk (actually, mostly drunk, and trying to get bored enough by web content so that I can fall asleep) and I come across her blog and realised she tagged me.


So much for 'to honour and to hold' or whatever it was I said seven years ago... How about to OBEY!, woman? Sigh. But I still love you, babe.

So, to respond to her meme, started by the asshat (yeah, dude, if you can start an MSN conversation with that, so can I) himself:

1. I'd rather be a Rockstar than an American Idol (reality music shows).

2. I'd rather be getting bugs in my mouth than bugs on my windscreen (road trip vehicles of choice).

3. I'd rather be in Canada than anywhere else in the first world (or supposed 'first world' countries) (countries of residence).

4. I'd rather be teaching photography than teaching (no offense to the students from my first batch who've finally discovered my blog, but seriously, you guys were the best I've had - apart from my first two NCC batches, now men) (teaching. Bah!)

5. I'd rather be taking trains than flying (travel transportation of choice).



This asshat meme goes to:

1. The Tourist

2. Staff Caffeine

3. Kitschy Gal Who Never Comes For Drinks and ROCK Anymore

4. Running Boy

5. Bee!

Because some are new to the blogosphere and my blogroll, some don't write about anything other than running (dude!) anymore and some, I haven't seen in a while and I know I won't get ganked by her.


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