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Saturday, July 01, 2006

"Red Card! Red Card! Blue Card ...!"

"... whatever card also can! As long as there's a card!"

There are reasons why I'm becoming more and more of a curmudgeon as I grow older. Watching a football match that's boring to the nth degree was bad enough without having drunken morons sitting at the table behind screaming

"Red card!"

"Break his leg!"

"Yellow card!"

"Fuck you!"


every once in a while.

Uh, right. Whatever dude. You want to impress the girls at your table, do it at home. It's frustrating watching a bad football game, yeah, but you don't have to spoil the rest of the time others are having too. It's just attention-seeking behaviour, plain and simple.

It might have been like watching an S-League game last night, but really, don't have to act like S-League supporters either.


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