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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"Huh? 'Olio Horse'? Simi lai eh?"

For anyone who's been watching the World Cup on the PPV channels (that's 27 and 28) you'll probably have come across the really horrendous ads paid for by Audio House where the-monotonous-guy-who-is-every-Oral-Examiner's-nightmare rattles off a whole list of words (I don't even deign to call them sentences because there doesn't seem to be any punctuation at all) and seems to be selling 'brandedJapaneseLCDTVonly999' or something and something else 'forfreeifyourteamwinstheWorldCup'.

(Which works if you're stellou, but seriously, if your enunciation isn't your best trait, then you can pretty much fuggedabaddit.)

And hey, why make one when we can make two - squeeze two ads into the thirty-second slot and we save even more money. Which might explain why the guy was speaking so fast.

This is why we still need ad agencies. Because when people get it in their heads that doing something like this in-house would save them a lot of money, this is the result.

Call me a snob. I'll admit to it. There's something in the artistry of a good ad. And this ain't it.



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