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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This I Get When I'm Back Here...

You know what? The telephone isn't a brand new invention. It's been around for a while. And because it wasn't something that was created in Singapore, it means that there are certain modes of etiquette one should observe when conversing over long distances. Trust Western civilisation to do something like that. If it were a uniquely Singaporean thing, we'd been hauled to court for phone rage long ago.

The mobile phone isn't new either, just relatively more accessible than it was ten years ago.

So, I don't need you, callers (yes, callers) on 9692 7012 to ring me, and in response to my, "Hello? Hello?" hand the phone over to someone else. You sound old enough to say, "对不起, 打错了," and then hang up. You don't have to let someone else, just as moronic it would appear, pick up the phone and do the same bloody thing.

Fortunately, I'm not gifted with a lot of patience for stupid people and I hung up on them in the middle of their vacillating.


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