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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Update #3

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In Ebisu today and went to the Yebisu Garden Place where the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography is. Pretty lucky today - caught the shows by Guy Bourdin, Destiny Deacon and Michael Kenna.

In the meantime, expenses for Day 6:

Train to Ebisu - 130 yen
Lunch at Mitsukoshi Food Garden - 472 yen
Drink from vending machine - 150 yen
Entrance to Museum of Photography - 2550 yen
Tea at Museum of Photography - 950 yen
Drinks at Kirin Beer Bar - 1120 yen
Umbrella - 500 yen
Dinner at some standing bar - 2000 yen
Train to Meguro - 130 yen

Still under budget, though I've been spending more.

Anyways, the standing bar place is one of the more awesome places I've been to. The concept's simple: buy drinks and some more of their food and stuff (I highly recommend the stewed tripe) and you can have all the char siew you can eat.

Would put the address down here somewhere, but I only know how to walk there. On the other hand, if you ask people about the char siew place with the toilet that plays birdsong when you tinkle, they'll probably point you in the right direction:

Musical Toilet
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In other news, X went on his own to Shizuoka today to visit the Tamiya factory. Would have gone with him if I wanted to pay for the shinkansen ride to the place (about $90 per trip - $180 for a return trip - 1 hour each way).

Maybe he wanted some alone time.

Xave and Date
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