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Friday, May 19, 2006

Gone Fishin'

... in the words of an underrated ex-colleague.

Off to Japan this morning (can a flight be any more troublesome? Check in at 4 am, boarding call at 5:10 am, and then a flight with suspected very legroom) at 6 am.

See you all in June.


In the meantime, the package that's gone MIA for the last six months (almost as long as Mr. Rand Yang's car has been in the workshop) has finally arrived. Today. No fanfare. Just a tone on the doorbell and me scrambling to pull on a shirt.


I get this:

Originally uploaded by Terz.

to up my geek! quotient which has been flagging lately because of the time spent on movie-making.

And the missus gets Season 3 of BtVS.

All is well and I can't wait to get started on the game...

(Only thing is I don't really remember what else was supposed to come with the package - it had been opened, over and over again for security checks, and it's been to more countries in the last six months than I have - another helpful postal worker decided that Singapore was somewhere in the Philippines; I really don't know what is supposed to come in this package anymore.)


Went to Walas tonight for a sending away present before my flight and true to their name, the band surprised me with an all unplugged night. All of because someone had to answer the call.

But it was all good. And for that, I give them this:

A Rose By Any Other Name
Originally uploaded by Terz.


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