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Monday, May 01, 2006

More Nature

Close But No Cigar
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In the meantime, while I make plans for the next couple of weeks before I leave for Japan, more images from the two days on Ubin.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Banal because we've seen too many shots like this one. What can I say? Feeling disinpired, listless, out of it. Like a father who discovers too late that his favourite child is an illegitimate one of his wife's lover. I think I need time alone with my thoughts. Away from everything I do on a day-to-day basis. That sabbatical I should have taken all those months ago would have come in useful now.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

A favourite scene of mine. A revisitation of the same shot I took with the 10D when I first got that camera. This one was shot with the white balance set on Tungsten. Kinda like the hues it brought out:

Sunset Redux
Originally uploaded by Terz.

And in the same vein:

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Very brave cats.

Shedding One's Tools
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Yesterday's filming was at a farm on Ubin where people can rent out a space in the owner's gardens to camp out and have barbecues. Quite an interesting concept. I guess the tourist industry has finally made some headway on the island after all. I hope it doesn't develop too quickly. Ubin has its charms. It has things to offer people who feel a certain way about nature, people who want to get away from the city as much as possible. Turning it into another tourist trap doesn't help the people on the island: you drive away the people who love the island for what it is, you draw the people who don't appreciate that, but who have money to spend. The islanders will change, the island will change.

Faded Fortune 1
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And in that, I'll have one more reason to want to leave this place. For good.

Faded Fortune 2
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Originally uploaded by Terz.

Faded Fortune 3
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