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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Before you next use the bathroom scale:

Weight Loss
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So in the biggest semi-private local newspaper today, the headlines for the Home section tells me that yet one more contractor is unable to complete a building because they've run out of money.

Yet another victory for the three-quote system so favoured in the Service.

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the old adage of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'? Seems like every year when I file my taxes, I'm getting all kinds of stupidity. First it was the e-filing system that don't work on Macs; then there was the year with the issues with Safari and/ or Firefox; and when I thought they had everything running smoothly last year, this year we get this:

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And I'm not even going to comment on the butt-ugly (some say fugly) index page for the IRAS. Three quotes, anyone?


On Sunday I played almost a full match in about 4 years. Had to stop after about twenty minutes because this happened, though:

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Then it was another thirty minutes of rummaging through the storeroom looking for my other pair of boots, and finding only the first ever pair of boots I bought (when I was ten) - I would wear them if only my feet were still size 6.

All I can say: after 1994, football boots look 'better' but they don't fuckin' last anymore. The pair that got destroyed on Sunday had been with me since 1996. The leather's still supple, but the plastic's nowhere as durable. And today's line? 70% plastic.

Why do I think I'll be shopping at Queensway for the oldest pair of boots they have in stock? Preferably one manufactured before 1992.

Anyway, after I gave up looking for elusive spare pair of boots, I went back to the field if only to join the guys for breakfast afterwards - fortunately, one good thing about playing other people on the wrong side of their twenties and up, Alf couldn't carry on and his feet size are the same as mine. Played another twenty minutes before the sun got too hot. Like I said, almost a full match...

Then we had that breakfast.


Ink has discovered that he enjoys sleeping in the basket bed we bought for him (which is a sight better than, that he enjoys destroying the basket bed we bought for him). For a while, we feared the bed would go the way of Tuas Second Link.

Sleeping Ink
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