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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ink 1, Tom Holt 0

Torn Holt
Originally uploaded by Terz.

So, Ink's found a new toy in the house, one not sanctioned by us, but you know cats. And this is the result. The missus says it's reparable, but I'm not that keen on my books being in this state and then repaired with scotch tape.

Oh well.

'Who Afraid of Beowulf?"

Not Ink, it would appear.


While still on books, I've finally finished A Feast For Crows. Not that I took a damned long time to read it but because it's been on my shelves since it arrived in the mail about three or four months back - I read the thing in about 4 days, once I started remembering what had happened in the previous installment and that would have been about two years back.

Still damn engaging, but with my memory as it is now, I'm not sure if I won't need to read the whole series again just to refresh it.


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