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Monday, April 24, 2006

A Weekend of Waste

It started off as the last break from mundaneness before the 'excitement' of the filming begins.

What better way than to attend Muddy Murphy's 10th Anniversary bash on Saturday night, where my favourite local band's playing from 9 until midnight?

Hey I'll go wherever the booze is cheap[er].

Only trouble was that by the time we got there at about 7, the place was packed and all we had was a little ledge on which to put our drinks. Not that that's so bad, just that my legs had been aching for a whlie and seat would have been nice.

Guinness Gallery
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We did secure a table eventually, thanks to Mandy, who managed to make friends with the people at said table, that we duly commandeered when they left.

Before the Set
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There wasn't space for the band when they arrived as well. Still, the atmosphere was what I'd expect from an Irish pub, crowd and all.

Wouldn't have stayed for too long, if not for Ruok's 16th birthday. Was feeling a little out of it the whole day and it didn't help that the music over the PA is louder than what I was used to in Walas. I really should have slept in the afternoon before going. Then again, I can't really complain about the $8 pints of Guinnesses available all night. That and the short skirts of some of the wait staff.

BDay Boy
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Sunday was pretty much the same. Woke up at noon, so I missed the football game on the field. Then it was WoW for most of the day, while waiting for D to call about helping him move stuff from the studio. Yeah, more evictions - go fig.

Just thought I should be trying to get as much XP as I can before the two-week hiatus because of the filming.

Anyways, we met up for dinner (turns out D forgot about calling me and moved everything to William's place in the end) where a not-so-unexpected announcement was made. I mean, seriously, no one was surprised, so I guess it was on the cards for a while already.

But congrats! in case I had forgotten to say it in our moment of feigned surprise.


The night was bad though. Was feeling the morose motherfucker towards the end of the evening and then tried drowning everything in a couple of glasses of vodka.

I can't wait to leave this country on a holiday.

Just the film to be done, one month. One month.

One month.


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