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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Expenses Update

Day 2: (cont'd)

Train to Meguro - 130 yen
Internet Cafe - 400 yen (to post my first entry)
Toiletries - 656 yen
Yakiniku dinner - 3000 yen
Karaoke - 3000 yen
Total for Day 2: 8914 yen

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Day 2 ended with KK and KG's friends coming over for a couple of DVD movies ('Wedding Crashers' and 'Dickie Roberts' - yeah, that pretty much summed up our states of mind at that point) and a possible NBA match involving the Pistons. We spent some time on the deck where C tells the story of 'Thruster hoshii-desuka?' - ask me about it when I come back.

Anyways, the NBA game was a bust because they decided to show some other game, so we decided to go for dinner and then a karaoke. Yakiniku is amazing - didn't try it the last time I was in Japan, so it was eye-opening. Must have eaten half a cow or something, including something called 'Beef Hormones' which turned out to be the strips of fat you find along the sides of some steaks. Yummy.

Then it was off to karaoke, where it was the first time I sang on a stage with the seats of the place arranged like a lecture theatre. Fortunately there weren't too many people there at the start and I was able to warm up without being too self-conscious. I'm pretty sure X's got some videos of the night, and of me singing 'Never Say Goodbye', 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', 'Somewhere Only We Know', and 'Something Stupid' for the night. Highlight of the night would be KG singing 'Salty Chocolate Balls'.

Day 3:

Pam at Stickapura
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Train to Asakusa - 390 yen
Train to Karajuku - 190 yen
Lunch at Wolfgang Puck - 1600 yen
Train to Shimbashi - 190 yen
Monorail to Tokyo Big Sight - 370 yen
Monorail to Shimbashi - 370 yen
Train to Ueno - 150 yen
Izakaya Dinner - 4200 yen
Train to Meguro - 190 yen
Total for Day 3: 7950 yen

Looking bad... might be over the budget if I keep up with this.

But damn, the dinner was fuckin' awesome.

Chilli Prawns
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Nine courses, free-flow beer, lychee- and grapefruit- shochu.

Post Izakaya
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Gonna have to go back to Harajuku I guess. There weren't too many of the kids dressed in their Goth-iest or the Bo-Peep best. And besides, X and I went to the wrong side of the station and missed them completely.

Day 4:

Train to Akihabara - 190 yen
Coffee - 190 yen
Lunch at Cafe MoCo - 780 yen
Train to Meguro - 190 yen
Lip Balm - 313 yen
Internet Cafe - 400 yen
Marlboro Menthol Lights - 300 yen
Dinner at a roadside ramen place - 1000 yen
Drink from vending machine - 150 yen
Total for Day 3: 3513 yen

Originally uploaded by Terz.

The most interesting ramen place ever... we struggled with Japanese for a while before we find out that the oba-san running the store's actually from Taiwan, and that she's been in Japan for 20 years. Very lively conversation after that. I should be doing this more.


Anyway, will be back to shoot more of her. And the store. Man, can it have any more character?

Day 5:

Train to Ueno - 190 yen
Train to Asakusa - 160 yen
Train to Shibuya - 230 yen
Train to Ebisu - 130 yen

Asakusa In The Drizzle
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Train to Roppongi - 160 yen
Dinner at TGIF - 1850 yen
Locker at Roppongi - 300 yen
Drink from vending machine - 150 yen
Drinks at Motown Town - 1900 yen
Train to Ebisu - 160 yen
Train to Meguro - 130 yen
Total for Day 5: 5360 yen

Sanja Matsuri
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Total So Far: 30 607 yen or $445.33



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