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Friday, May 26, 2006

Way Too Much Drink

Japan 0506-Batch 5-059
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Which was what happened last night, with beer to start us off, then kiwi fruit shochu, then ending the night with sake bombers.

All in the name of fun. And drunken debauchery.

Day 7:

Train to Shibuya - 150 yen
Marlboro Menthol Lights - 300 yen
Dinner Izakaya style again with the drinking - 3300 yen
Train to Meguro - 150 yen
Drink from vending machine - 120 yen
Total for Day 7: 4020 yen


You know it's been a good night when you wake up with a massive hangover. And then you have most awesome ramen ever, with meat chunks worth about three bowls. Cleared that headache right away.

Japan 0506-Batch 5-001
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Student drivers. Japan-style.

Day 8 - so far:

Train to Harajuku - 150 yen
Ramen at Kyushu Jangara - 980 yen
Train to Meguro - 150 yen
Sub-Total for Day 8: 1280 yen


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