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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Bender Mender

Updated 22 November 0221 hours to include the links to the fun stuff:

It's never good when you're 33 going on 34 and you have a hedonistic weekend beginning on Thursday and ending at about 4 am on Sunday morning. My head is still spinning somewhat, even as I sit in the games room playing D&D. Guess the character will be more taciturn than usual.

Not good.

But while I'm still conscious, a quick summary of the weekend:


Thursday night:

Taxi Stand
Originally uploaded by Terz.

Here's a question.

Information given -

A is a taxi stand. Notice the space. The oodles of open space.

B is a pair of pillars. Their job, believe it or not, is to hold up the shelter keeping the rain water from messing our hair.

C are the morons who think A is either an airport or a ferry terminal, and B is the gateway through which they must go through to begin their journey.

So, the question: how much of a nation of sheep have we become? First off, why do we always need gateways, marked or otherwise, to know where to go or what to do? And secondly, why does it take only one person to start doing something stupid like stopping at the wrong place at the line and everyone else does the same dumb thing?

Updated (again) 23 November 0818 hours:

OK, one more reason why it's a stupid thing to be waiting at B when there's the whole left side of A to go to - cabbies can't see you from their angle of approach - unless the dude's in the rightmost two lanes, by which point, it becomes moot: he can't get across in time anyway - not without causing plenty of accidents, if this happens at the wrong time of the day.


Overheard over the radio on the cab ride to Balaclava where a friend's meeting me and a couple others to drink himself into oblivion:

"Mariah Carey's got a new clothing line, called Kiss Kiss lingerie. Available for women only."

Uh, yeah. It'd better be.

The rest of the night turned out to be a bust though: not enough drinking and everyone still had to go home because of work (point number 2) the next day.


Friday night's the same: same friend is going through a bad patch and the drinking continued. Except this night, I was designated driver and that's something I take seriously enough.

Others have blogged about it, so I'll just leave this at that: everyone got home safely and a good time was had by all.


Saturday the missus and I had to get up early (this despite only getting three hours' sleep the previous night - just another Friday night of having to take care of someone who's completely smashed) to attend a relative's wedding.

Turns out we were the first to get there.

Go fig.


Saturday night's the party for Randy and Nick's entry winning the Judges' Choice and Audience Choice awards.

Finally, I got to drink.

The evening started with a screening of the South Park movie, followed by Kung Pow (which really, if people stopped to think about it, set the tone for the rest of the evening). Then Yi Yee Wei, another finalist and winner from this year's competition, showed off his entry from last year, "Diarrhoea," and this year's, "Loser".

Once the man of the hour, Ken, arrived - it was also his birthday, apparently - the screening of the video followed. That took five minutes and then a it was another twenty minutes of showing the behind-the-scenes stuff as well as the out takes.

All fun.

By the time the party wound down, it was just the usual suspects left to chill over beer, smokes, ghost stories, stories about naked neighbours and the cast interviews for the planned DVD release.

Good fun.

We don't do that as often any more.


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