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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

D-E-D Dead

D-E-D Dead
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Like this pigeon I found at the foot of our block recently - I do hope it's one of the neighbourhood cats that did this; better than the scary H5N1 that's going around - my hopes of getting to vote have been dashed. So once again, after 34 years in this democracy - 13 of which I was eligible to vote - I still have only voted once: in a really no-meaning Presidential election back in 199-something.


First when I was still living at home, we were the scrotum of the Aljunied ward, now, with the redrawn lines, we're like the hernia of the Marine Parade ward. Why do I feel like my vote as a citizen of this country will never count.


OK, before anyone else thinks I've been spending too much time on WoW, it's not been WoW all the time.

There was a party I went to:

Bar Tape
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Had a blast - was made to drink a toast as part of the Barfly 老鸟 (works better in Hokkien) group, even though I'm not really a member. Started a new D&D group, so my geek! quotient's gone up by a little.

Then there's the weekly trips to the west for the rockingest local band ever. Three Heinekens and I'm happy for the rest of the night (they're one for one - back then - so that's six bottles to keep me company all night). Works even better now that I have classes on Thursdays so I'm always in need of a brewsky at the end of the end of the day and all the classic rock I can handle. Just as well I don't work most Fridays - hard to speak well/properly with a frog in my throat.

Stage Front 1
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Stage Front 2
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Was introduced to the band just four months back, and I've been back almost every week now...

Even have my own favourite requests:

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Just have to remember that I don't want to ask for Hoobastank or James Blunt. Or to put feet or barang barang on their stage... or face the wrath of Shirlynn.


So yeah, been busy.

Classes, rock bands, helping with the printing for the missus's ex-student (hope that's a success, by the way - you know who you are), photography for a very high-class brand (who asked for a discount), working on the script for the new movie... moaning internally about the Elections (right now, I'm just wondering how much it'll cost us to replace all the symbols in our estate with Marine Parade logos). So much for all the money spent on the obiang Christmas and CNY decorations recently.

Double sigh.

But, while I'm at it, can I say that I'm now Level 43? Hyuk!

Final thoughts:

Oral Sex
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Hmmm. Oral ED treatment when the mood is right for intimacy? OK, just as long as it leads to normal, natural sex afterwards, right?

Let's not go there:

Don't Touch
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