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Monday, March 22, 2004

It isn’t all about FUN anymore…

FUN anymore…

What was it I said about tagging stupid ‘value addedness’ to events and places?

I read yesterday (or the day before) that Singapore was having our own version of CBS’s ‘Amazing Race’. Yes, because it can’t be just be fun when we do things here, it must be educational as well.

Otherwise, we don’t get grants.

Can’t we, for once, do something for the sake of just fun?


The Objectifs workshop ended yesterday, and I’m officially beat.

In the same period I missed:

1. Morons who 'invaded' the BMT capital of Singapore, Pulau Tekong.

2. The planning for Vancouver this summer. We're only now waiting on Dan to confirm if he can be out of the country for the two weeks that the trip will take.

3. Three games that I could have had.

Was running all over Singapore over the last four days trying to piece together a series of photographs for my chosen photo essay. Had barely enough sleep – about 17 hours in total out of the four-and-a-half-days of the workshop – which might have been okay if I were younger (somehow the caffeine buzz didn’t feel the same from ten years ago, when I was in the middle of my freshman year and living on nothing but coffee, butter and potatoes). I didn’t eat much (skipped several dinners to get my photos ready for the nightly critiques) and had no social life beyond the confines of the workshop space and my subjects’ homes.


It was worth every second of it.

I now convinced more than ever that I’m doing the right thing for me. And if I can translate it into the ability to put food on the table… well! I am also more aware that it’s not ‘fun’ (like an amateur’s ‘fun’) any more. I guess I’ll have to learn to relax and to view each job as an extension of ‘play time’.

I’m taking today off from everything and just chilling with a book and a game later tonight.

Tomorrow I start worrying about Opening Night, Thursday, and the exhibition that will run for about two weeks until 14 April 2004.


Addendum to the list of things I missed while at a course:

4. How could I have forgotten the 'assassination attempt' on Chen Shui Bian in Taiwan? Lucky man. When was the last time any sniper aimed to leave the target a scar in the shape of a line across his belly instead of aiming between his eyes?


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