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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Must... Resist... Temptation...

To change templates, that is.

The missus and assorted others have already done so, and so I shall to resist.


I'm also resisting the temptation to go DVD shopping on Amazon after receiving my latest paycheck in my bank account. There's Canada and the US to plan for and right now, I'm comfortable with my account balance being able to survive the two weeks in North America. I've two more paychecks to go before the end of this month, so I should be even more comfortable by the time we fly off for Vancouver.

And surely one month isn't too long to wait to buy the DVDs I want off the shelves and forget about paying for shipping and handling.


As I've said in my previous post, I'm being kept busy by the photography. Have just been so tired the last two weeks that I didn't feel like a game last weekend. That it was cancelled in the end was just serendipitious -- I was fully prepared to forego it for some much-needed rest. As it was, I slept the entire Sunday.

It is, however, the happy kind of tired.

I've been given quite a lot of freedom in the kind of shots that I can take and it's been fun, especially when dealing with like-minded adults and kids. I'm particularly pleased with the work I did with the dancers as well as the sailors -- photos from which I should be posting on my Fotolog soon. In fact I am planning to sell some of these shots as prints (am presently looking at the various printing options, paper quality, inks, etc -- now if only there was someplace in Singapore that does Giclee printing). I just need to know how to go about it and how to price them.


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