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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Quick Updates

... because I'm being kept busy with the photography.


Congratulations to Mr Dominic Soh. Not only has taking Extrim (some dodgy fat-burning diet pill thingy) made him lose 40 kg, he's managed to pick up the English Language and an Aussie accent in the interim.


Congratulations also to Boston Rob for what may perhaps be the best strategy to win Survivor: marry the person with the million bucks.

Not bad for a contruction foreman. Clearly America is still the land of opportunity.


I think generally it's not a good idea to be wearing a dress that looks like something out of the bathing suit catalogue of the 1900s. Especially if it comes with broad horizontal bands and has a ridiculous-looking tutu-like thing around the hips. And I don't care if it's branded and expensive.


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