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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

All About Nic

Spent the last hour or so watching the live coverage 'as it happens' of the collapse of a section of the road on Nicoll Highway, and I've come to the conclusion that our news teams are ill-equipped to deal with events as they occur. For examples:

1. One reporter calling the hole made by the suspected gas explosion a 'ravine'. Man, that's one big hole then. We could market it as our very own Grand Canyon.

2. Another reporter (from the same station -- no turf wars in Singapore, I guess), reporting on the minute-by-minute happenings: "The police are now looking for survivals with their dogs." No script, no Speek Good Engleesh.

3. Constant references by the anchorpeople to the first 'survival' pulled from the mess: the first survivor, a Thai construction worker, was rushed to the Singapore General Hospital in a wheelchair. Uh, wouldn't it be faster if they'd used an ambulance? Who types this shite on the teleprompter anyway?


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