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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Good Friday, Bad Singaporeans

On the way to Sedili for the off-road trip, X and I were stuck in a jam which started about 2 km away from the Sultan Abu Bakar Immgration Complex at the Second Link (we'd crossed the bridge and all, so technically we were on Malaysian soil even though they don't know we're there yet).

So, in the 2 hours we were trapped there, inching forward one car length at a time, what do I see? Oh, only about 150 vehicles using the road shoulder to get ahead of the queue. And of the 150, easily 92% were Singapore-registered vehicles. Of course there were Malaysian vehicles doing the same thing, but they could be counted on one hand: 1 BMW X5, a couple of Wiras, and assorted tourist buses and goods trailers. But the majority?


More specifically, Singaporeans travelling in the following vehicles: SBT3200R, SFA5704T, XB7518H, SDU5645Z, SBQ9885R, SDW8188X, SBV6741K, SDY3347B, SDX4456T, SDW6926X, SBJ3375Y, SDX418E, SDY5529E, SDJ5944T, SCH1720X, SFD9334K, SCL8583H, SFE5950C, SDL4965D, SCY3083Z, SDN9998R, SDW3762X, SDQ6984J, SBR712K, SDW1692C, SCK9671K, SDE6064C, SCJ2449M, SFA5611C, SDV8143E, SCH2805D, SCH1165R, SCR2324Y, SDK2385X, SBG4286E, SDK7449M, SDK3618T, SFC9093K, SDK8428S, SDK4227G, SDL5977M, EF2882S, SCV6277C, SDN4247H, SDJ2393C, SDF8993C, SCN7910B, SDF3448T, SDL376E, SFH2222A, SDD399G, SDB5789S, SBJ4992J, SDL1462Y, SFE1036T, SDH660E, SDP3241U, SDU3894J, SDK2009H, SDB4712U, SFF30K, SDW2126P, SCL90R, SDV3163E, SCY4745R, SCK3809X, SCH26Z, SBU7804S, SBY8135U, SDU1608H, SBT1288B, SDT4055M, SDT1567B, SFG9065X, SDE9151P, SDS9785L, SFB6045A (ah this one -- where others may be forgiven for not realising they were travelling on the road shoulder, this guy clearly knows what he's doing because he zips in and out of the shoulder later on as well -- I've got photos), SDH1072X, SDJ827G, SCU7272P, SBV5410C, SCL1567B, EW911R (no prizes for guessing what car this is. I swear, it must give a lot of people thrills of the wet dreams sort to have a faux-vanity plate that reflects the car they drive -- which is to say, they're kinda sad and unimaginative, really), SFA9793J, SDT1747U, ER6770S, SDM8633E, SDU2118Z, GM8795K, SDL1350Y, SFG284P, SDF4219G, SDP2140J, SBU4532X, SCL1444Y, SDJ5078T, SDW7953K, SDS1551Y, SCW9118D, SDW7386Y, SDM3659P, XB7524P, SFB2347E, ER2222J, EZ77H, SDW3578L, SDD9856U, SCX2968H, SDH5949T, SBE6565Y, SCK8893T, SCH4114P, SDT5201E, SBV3293L, SBT3983P, SDJ1385H, GV3910E, SCU2567Y, SCZ9099J, SBC9450K, SCY6932D, SDK3178X, SDH3885D, SDL4905C, SCR9070H and SCX6699H.

In the moment of boredom and pure inspiration I decided to take pictures of their transgressions. So if there are any Malaysian Traffic Police Department/Bureau people (or people who know such people) reading this, I'm willing to sell you the photos for, say, 5% of the fines accrued from these vehicles. I couldn't take all the photos of the cars that passed me (some had problems of their own, what with assholes tailgating them), but those I did (which is all of the cars listed above) will tell you date, and time, of offence as well (ah, the wonders of digital technology). For that, and for pictures taken from a 6.9 megapixel camera, you know that 5% is really very good value.

Don't think of it as a 'fuck-you' to all those dicks, dickettes and their parents who didn't learn (or teach them) to observe orderly queues in disorderly situations, but as my small way of improving relations between Singapore and Malaysia. And to make a little money while doing it as well.

Be hearing from you.


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