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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


[I would have updated earlier (I did, in fact, write a couple of entries) but for the missus's computer crashing whenever I get into the swing of the writing. Which pisses me off, of course. So there are two entries that won't be aired for a while.]

So I went back to the college today after my own MC to find out that I've been made redundant as far as teaching is concerned. The tutor whom I was supposed to be subbing wasn't going to be on a month-long MC as initially planned, but has returned to the fold.

Which means I can focus on photography rather than teaching. Yay me; tomorrow I get to wear whatever I want when I report in the morning.


Car SDF 1945 M. GREEN VOLVO SDF 1945 M? Are you listening?

You do not go through a zebra crossing at 70 kph. You do not ignore your front seat passenger who was gesticulating wildly at a person (me!) crossing the road right in front of you. And you certainly do not deserve to be let anywhere near a goddamned car, you fucking misbegotten son of a motherless whoremonger.



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