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Thursday, March 25, 2004


That's it.

All the preparation for the exhibition: done!

After two days of running about like headless chickens, 80% of the class spent the whole of tonight putting up their exhibition prints and bios. All there's left to do would be to buy the food and drinks for the opening launch tomorrow (well, today!) and to embark on a frenzy of networking.

It was pretty amazing how the exhibition took shape over the course of the last two days. In fact, by eight tonight when I left Objectifs to have a quick bite with the missus, mine were the only prints on the wall. One hour later when I got back, there were another 2 up and within an hour-and-a-half the remaining five were up as well. A combination of lots of compromises and teamwork.


Now to worry about what to wear tomorrow...


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