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Friday, March 26, 2004

Serendipitous Circumstance

Approximately 300 years ago, Destruction abandoned
his realm. His sigil has been taken down, and
he can no longer be reached. He is not dead,
for if that was so, another aspect of
Destruction would have taken his place. He
simply choose not to be responsible for
destruction and all other facets of his domain
anymore. There is still destruction and change,
it is just no longer controlled.

Destruction can no longer be reached, but should
you ever you meet a tall, red-haired man,
carrying a knapsack, you might want to offer
him some bread and cheese. He tells good stories.

(Descriptions and pictures copied from

Which Neil Gaiman's Endless are YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hair's not red though.


Well, I thought I'd join the Endless bandwagon since Dan, WJ, Neil and Kay had already done so. Quite cool actually, the last bit about story-telling. When I was told to write my bio for the Objectifs website for Shooting Home 2004, I ended my bio with pretty much the same sentiment: buy me a drink and I'll tell you stories.

With last night's launch and subsequent drenching (we had a water-pistol fight after guests left), my involvement with Shooting Home 2004 is ended for now. It was a great week spent with people of like mind, and coming together at the end of every day to disuss photography is like a wet dream come true (don't worry, I'm sticking to the water metaphor for a little longer only). Then it was off to Ostas at CHIJmes for a little whistle-wetting with some of the faculty and participants (there! I'm done with water).

I wish I'd thought of this earlier instead of sticking it out for another year in teaching. Might have made a difference in my hairline.

Anyway, it's back to normal service. I'll be watching the Complete Works of William Shakespeare in 97 Minutes tonight with the missus. Then it's off for more drinks with ex-colleagues.

It looks like another busy weekend for me (a play, drinks with good friends, a lunch with relations, a dinner with the wife -- who's about to begin her fourth decade -- and our friends, followed by more drinks with good friends, a game with people trying to get everyone else killed, and probably another round of drinks to make the weekend a little more consistent), which, after the intensity of the workshop, might actually be more relaxing than usual.

I'm really looking forward to Vancouver in June.


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