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Saturday, March 27, 2004

It's sad when...

- you can afford to buy a branded shirt made from bad, non-airflow-friendly material, but you choose to buy the one that comes with long sleeves;

- you buy a crappy-materialed, branded, long-sleeved shirt, in the cauldron that is Singapore;

- you buy a long-sleeved, badly-made branded shirt in the heat of Singapore but cannot afford deodorant;

- you don't wear deodorant when you're wearing a badly-designed, poorly made branded shirt, and your sweat is the sour kind;

- the smell of your sweat, being the sour kind, gets circulated in the poorly ventilated confines of an MRT train; and

- you are sickly smelly, but because you are wearing a branded shirt, you try and hit on the girls standing near you, mercifully unaware of the effect you're having on them.


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