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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Sudden-Death Overtime

Well, that's it. The Canucks are out of the running for the Stanley Cup.

Which means we won't be watching a live match anytime soon ('anytime soon' being when we're in Vancouver in June). I guess there's always the 'live' games on TV. It also means that I can start supporting the Detroit Red Wings, without fear of them being ousted by the Canucks on the way to the Cup Finals for the sake of the experience of a live match at GM Place.

When a door shuts...


Gave in to Pragmatism and had a haircut yesterday. The 34˚C was beginning to get to me. So now I'm back to pre-resignation-length hair, which is only that much cooler.

It day began with some promise. I'd spotted dark clouds over most of the east, but it's 2 pm now and there's nary a hint of a reprieve from the heavens. The wife asked me last night if we'd ever hit 34˚C when we were younger; I had to reply in the negative. The highest we'd reached was about 32˚C (or barely clearing 33˚C on really bad days). Never 34˚C.

34˚C was why we were glad we didn't live in Bangkok.

Everywhere in Singapore, Geography teachers are scrambling about trying to explain to their students why we're not getting convectional rain despite the heat and the extreme humidity.


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