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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Woeful Weather

It was only two days ago when, after a whole day of taking photos at the college for their yearbook, I got home and, when I removed my T-shirt (yes, not even a button down, long-sleeved shirt) in the relative aridness of my living room, my torso looked fairly reminiscent of the times after I had run the 2.4 km for my annual IPPTs and other assorted incidences of manly exercise. To be sure, I stood in front of the full-length mirror in the bedroom and noted the steam rising from around my head and shoulders.

All this from just walking from where the cab dropped me off at the foot of my block to the flat, a mere four minutes, most of which was spent in the cool dimness of the lift.

Things didn't improve yesterday and it looks even less likely to happen today. And it isn't even the hot season yet! Told Sprite immediately after this morning's shoots: it's too damned early to be so stinky already.

So looking forward to summer in Vancouver -- glorious sunshine, without the goddamned humidity.


Today's the last day of the exhibition, so everyone from Shooting Home 2004 will be meeting today to take down our prints and to have a little post-exhibition party.


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