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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

My Mistake

I said earlier that the noise level was topping off at 95dB?

Not so. That was in the morning when the hackjob was taking place at the far end of the other unit.

Actual max?

Well, as at 15:58 hours, it's 108dB, which is only about 12dB below a jet takeoff on full afterburner. From 200 feet away, and not the next fuckin' apartment.

And that lasts 12 seconds at the most. This has been going on for the whole day. Just as well I've kept the ear plugs from the ranges I used to have to attend at the risk of my life and limb.

I so need a drink after the boss man from upstairs leaves.

Ah, forgot to mention that bit. The foreman from the renovating crew has paid our home a visit because some time at 1 pm, the vibrations from the drilling caused our new (well, relative to the rest of our furniture) and expensive book shelves from Picket & Rail to come a'tumblin' down.

We're talking money now.


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