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Monday, September 20, 2004


Just got this in my email from Kay Chin:

"It was an OK Monday until I surfed the Net and found out a person I knew dearly died recently.

Eddie Adams is dead. He took the famous Vietnam execution picture. I never met him but still felt a little sad, though not personally.

But more saddening is the death of Vi Edom. Some of you who attended the Shooting Home public talks this year will remember me recounting how I got to set up Shooting Home.

Vi and Cliff Edom founded the Missouri photo workshop, the Missouri photojournalism program ... Cliff also coined the word photojournalism.

They were long retired when I attended Missouri but they came back from time to time.  I met them both and they were such wonderful people.

Vi was a walking almanac, and I probably got a bit of the encyclopedic memory from “hanging out” with her.

When I visited her in southern Missouri a decade ago, she amazed me with recollection of who participated in which workshop, who shot which assignment for which National Geographic issue.

She also selflessly destroyed her National Geographic collection but giving me the issue on Singapore.  Of course, she knew the photographer who shot it.

Well, at least she has gone to see Cliff, and maybe HCB.

Ya, you can say that – without them, there wouldn’t have been me.

But knowing her, she wouldn’t be happy to be mourned.

A much better tribute than Saturday, IMHO.


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