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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Tick Tock

So, I spent the whole day at home, doing nothing but looking forward but TAR5 to keep me sane.

Had to stay home because the repair guy for the washing machine was supposed to come between 11 and 2. He came at half-10 instead. Fortunately for him, I was in decent enough shape to meet him at the door.

The verdict? For bleedin' $60 and just ten minutes of work, he's determined that we're using the wrong soap (too much sudsing) and that the load was either too full or too empty (about 75% full is just about right, apparently). Not a bad haul. And he didn't even have to sweat.

For that I woke up in the morning? Sigh.

After that, I decided to stay home anyway, but was bored out of my head as a result. I didn't want to leave because I knew my path will lead eventually to either Sods or any one of the pubs at Boat Quay, and I really mean to give my liver a break after the exertions from the last weekend.

I hate growing old.


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