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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Some Days Are Better Than Others

The missus would like me to dedicate this blog entry to the woman who found my wallet lying in the middle of the street where I had exited my cab.

Hyeah, like I didn't already know to do that...

Anyway, I would like to have it on record: thank you again.


Today wasn't as sweat-inducing than the previous two, so I guess I was in a better mood.

And besides, I have something else to log about other than the movie.

We were at a hospital/ nursing home today. For the first two scenes filmed in the corridor of said hospital, a woman patient was screaming, seemingly in pain, throughout the whole shoot. It was creepy. To say the least.

It struck me then that the nurses working there are the real heroes. I mean, SARS? (not to belittle the heroes from that little epidemic, living or posthumous). SARS is the medical equivalent of a kidnapped, white, little girl beauty queen from the Deep South in the USA. Full of sound and fury, but over and almost forgotten... Caring for the old and the infirm in the nursing home? That's the poor, the neglected, the huddled masses, the screaming woman.

And they're there every day. And not just for the short term.

To the nurses and staff: good work. Thank you.


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