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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Day The Second

0735 hours:

Uh, yes Pat, I would like to buy a breeze.

1145 hours:

Culina Quality Food and Beverages. Well, that may be true, but what's also true: you may not have quality attitude. Driver for said company horned (horned!) at an old woman struggling to push her little trolley of cardboard boxes across the road.

Then smiled about it to his co-worker.

1231 hours:

"You guys are damn nuisance (sic)."

(Repeated ad nauseum. To be honest, I didn't really listen after the first three times he said it. Couldn't have been much variance, or the possibility of variance, in his small mind.)

Said by the soulless technocrat whose path was obstructed by me because filming was in progress.

The same soulless money-grubbing (he hopes) technocrat who thought to sic the law on the filmmakers. Truly a stalwart supporter of the Arts scene in bohemian Singapore.

1322 hours:

"I am become Mushroom, the dweller in darkness and feeder on other's shit."

Remember that tired joke about mushrooms ("I must be a mushroom. I'm kept in the dark, and get fed shit all the time.")? Today, I am that mushroom.

Posted to my little corner of Ann Siang Hill to possibly commit Section 339 of the Singapore Penal Code, I was left there while the rest of the crew broke for lunch and had a rest.

1329 hours:

The Home team arrives, on the command of aforementioned technocrat. Unfortunately for the sad little twat, the filmmakers papers are in order and the lawmen leave.

1432 hours:

I lie through my teeth: "Yeah, I'm doing okay."

I only hope that the pause while I struggled mightily with my answer was not noticed. That, and the strange tic in my eyelid.

1912 hours:

Shooting wraps for the today.

Unfortunately, I was packed and ready to go 45 minutes before, when primary shooting ended but no one wanted to commit to letting the fourth uncle thrice removed go.

Feels like I'm working for the Civil Service all over again.

On the other hand, I'm getting quite a tan.


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