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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Never-ending Story

Because calling it a saga would be giving it too much credit.

Anyway, got a message last night about an order I'd delivered last week; Thursday, to be exact. Apparently, "there's an error in the order."

On whose side, I wondered. After all, this was the same person who ignored, or didn't register, the announcements that have been made, specifically, 'to the class rep who took the wrong portion of the order form' for five weeks before realising that the orders for the rest of the college had been delivered. And then it takes him four days (Thursday to last night) to realise that there was something wrong with his order?

I checked my phone's SMS inbox and voila! There, in plain sight, the orders as I had delivered them. Problem not with me. Person's message then goes on to ask if he could have the missing orders?

Er, right. And who's paying me for that? Who's paying me for an error that's not mine?

So, I tell you what. I'll get you the missing orders, no additional charge (I don't see the logic of letting you keep the additional four pictures; otherwise you'd have paid for six, but gotten ten). But you return me the wrong orders and I deliver the photos when I have the time (which looks to be in about three weeks' time).

My terms. Take it or leave it.


So as retail therapy, I went out and bought myself a new cellphone.

It comes with a 7-day voucher to train at Planet Fitness for free.

I now know why: it's the first phone I've owned that requires its owner to train up just to remove the outer cover in order to insert the SIM card and battery.


But still, I'm a happy person.


On the cab ride back home, some radio station was playing Air Supply's "Two Less Lonely People in the World."

And, to my horror, I could sing along to the lyrics. All of them.


I blame this on too many unreciprocated crushes in the 1980s.


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