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Monday, August 16, 2004

In the Spirit of the Games

Following the missus's attempt at the Gods and Monsters quiz, I decided to test my knowledge of Greek mythology and here's the result:

Gods and Monsters

You scored 9 out of a possible 10

Gold medal

Either you are the reincarnation of Pelops himself, or you're a eight-year-old who has just finished a project on Greece at school. Either way, you can expect a hero's reception when you step off the plane.

Oh well. Got question 4 wrong, so, I'd appreciate it if someone has the right answer for me.


And in response to the missus's displeasure at my lack of information from the guys' night out, I think, after lunch with TKDD and Kanga who managed to get at the reason through reverse engineering: now you know.


  • At 6:44 PM, August 17, 2004, Blogger Tym said…

    I got Q4 right but can't remember the answer now --- I think it's the Chimera task that's not like the others.

    I got Q2 wrong --- had some strange impression from Troy that Odysseus was a son of Zeus.


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