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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Birthday Treats

Had dinner at a Medical Centre tonight.

I think the missus summed it up pretty nicely when she described the cabbie's reaction to her saying that she was having a dinner at Camden: "Huh!? Dinner? There? Where got?"


Whitebait and Kale. Pretty good food, and service as well. Saw and ate the whitebait, but not so much the kale. And after a couple of drinks, some of the other people there were looking like Jailbait and Tail.

Tonight, it's the turn of the second-last person in our cozy little group (NIE Crew, we used to go by) to hit the big three-oh. The next (and last) one won't be for another two-plus years (December baby), so I guess I got carried away with the eating tonight.

Absolutely stuffed.

Which is good, because tomorrow, well, technically today, I leave for my annual flee-the-country-on-National-Day trip to a resort in Desaru. X's picking my up at half-seven so I really ought to be sleeping. Only I figure I can sleep in the car while we're in the line for the immigration checkpoint in JB. Not going to be an off-road trip this time; just chilling on the beach with a BBQ and a brewski.

There's only so much saccharine-patriotic-goodness I can take before I have to have check-ups for diabetes.

Which means, unless - miracles of miracles - there's some sort of wireless network set up where we are going, this will be the last entry until after the hols. So, enjoy.

I know I will.


On a side note:

The folks are also heading north to M'sia this weekend, so YM and I got visitation rights to our erstwhile vehicle. Too bad I'm not going to be around to use it.

That sucks.


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