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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Who's Your Arse Monkey?

Well, if you're the six-month old kid eating at Thai Express tonight with your parents, your correct answer would be: My parents.

Seriously, the kid's got it better than Pavlov and his dogs. The parents were certainly well-trained. Every time the kid dropped something (chopsticks, toy truck, soup spoon), a parent would pick it up. And when they didn't, a clearly-pointing finger or a correctly-pitched wail solved everything.

And after he was done with dinner, he had walkies. Walkies, defined as being allowed to wander about the restaurant on his own. Walkies! I wasn't even allowed to leave the table at wedding dinners til I was about seven.

At six months! OK, maybe slightly more, he was already walking on his own -- so say nine months?


I see a BPC order in this kid's future.


Was also at a stationery shop this evening and saw someone buying a red pen. A single red pen. No prizes for guessing what her occupation is.

And then asked the shopowner for a plastic bag.


A plastic bag for one pen?


Was thinking about my comment at the end of that entry about the Ah Beng at Isetan.

"Made me wish I still had my warrant card."

Do I really?

Why must I have a warrant card before I feel I can do anything in Singapore? Why couldn't I have acted as a concerned citizen coming to the defence of someone who is being threatened? Why couldn't anyone in the line? All I saw were Isetan staff walking away from the incident (only the cashier was there to calm things down) and the other people in the queue looking every which way but at the incident.

It's not like it's a personal/ private thing being played out in front of their eyes like a lover's quarrel. It was an altercation between two strangers, one of whom had every right to be angry at the other person, and the other person having not right at all but making all the noise.

By not doing anything at all, we're just encouraging the morons like Noisy Ah Beng to do whatever they want to just because they are more threatening and aggressive than the rest of us. Can't we just stand up for someone just because it's the right thing to do?

On Saturday, a group of people lining up at the cashier's counter even walked away from the fracas to queue at another counter.



This is home surely.


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