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Saturday, July 31, 2004

A Not-so Favourite Waste of Time

So, I was delayed 1 and a half hours at the college yesterday because of several SNAFUs.

Firstly, the announcement that was suppposed to be made in the morning at Assembly wasn't. To be fair, the teacher I SMSed to write the announcement did as she was asked. Somehow, though, the teacher with the announcement book, when it was brought to the podium for Assembly, managed to miss my announcement, which was supposed to be that I would only be in college between 10 am and 1 pm.

Still not a unsalvageable situation.

Then, the same teacher who missed my announcement, made it over the PA system. Good idea? Sure. Perhaps, though, it would have been better if the PA system was working in the Lecture Theatres. Right about then, still only about half the college knew of my hours.

So, at about noon, only about half the college had their class photos. Not a big deal, I thought (foolishly), that the kids would come by during their lunch period. After all, I did indicate on the acknowledgement forms that I would be making the deliveries on 30 July 2004. They had to remember that.

Still too much to ask for, apparently.

By the time I was supposed to leave, there were still about 26 or so orders left. I decided to be nice about about. Half an hour more. Just half an hour. I'll leave on the dot. At half-one. I can still make a lunch with a client; instead of MRTing it, I'd just take a cab.

And the reason why I'm being this nice? Two classes hadn't paid in full by then, and I had to wait for them to pay the balance before I go away. The only reason.

So, it took them another hour to come (and only because I had help from a couple of students - Thanks! - who had the mobile phone numbers of the class reps of the two errant classes), and by then, I couldn't even make the lunch. Which makes for two very pissed people: the client and I.

Finally, deposited the remaining with some teachers in the Staff Room and left after that. I'd originally planned to take the distribution process away from Civics Tutors (Form Teachers) because of their administrative loads and shit, but some days, I just couldn't give a flying fuck.

Yesterday was one of those days.


On the other hand, I managed to finish digital imaging on a couple more images for CAGES. I've been given a firm deadline (next Wednesday), so it's a lot easier for me to work on them now. Just the motivation I needed.


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