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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Midnight Gripes

Three of them, and in no particular order:

1. Had the misfortune of being in a cab where the steering oscillates 30-degrees constantly (even when we're stopped). I was debating whether I should spew, just to make a point.

2. Why do people wave rigorously at taxis, whose tops are clearly red-lit and says "HIRED", and then proceed to take umbrage when the cabbie doesn't pull over for them?

3. Back to my cabbie: What's with the flashing of high beams at the cars in front even when it isn't time to move? The dude was doing it at red lights.


Just back from drinks with the CAGES (ha! I'm not referring to it as CAGES the Movie any more... oh. Darn) crew.

Rather long, fruitful day, what, with the press conference in the morning (I'd asked the missus to tape the news for me, in the vain hope I would get my 15 seconds of fame), and then the thank-you dinner in the evening, followed by drinks.

Then again, I'd consider any day that ends with some drinks a Good Day. So what do I know?

All that's left to say is that the die is cast, and after this weekend, I can devote my time fully to the fruition of my part within the project.

And tonight. I get to sleep at a respectable time.


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