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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Mutually Assured Detestation, that is.

Well, it's confirmed. The hatchet-faced woman who works at the drinks stall in the coffee shop of the next block doesn't like me. Or rather, doesn't like my business. She made it a point of ignoring me while taking orders from the three people who were sharing my table at lunch today and also loudly taking the orders from the two tables around me.

I think it killed her that I was completely unfazed by the whole thing. She kept throwing glances in my direction hoping that I'd blink first and order something from her.

Then, after my lunch, I got myself a cheaper drink from the Econ minimart next door. That killed her more, I think, when I walked past her taking a long, leisurely swig from my bottle of 100 Plus ("Dang! That's 70 cents I could have earned!"). At least I can count on the other person who works at the stall in the evenings to get me my drinks during dinner.

Stupid people.


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